Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Three-Cake Catch Up!

It's been a little while since I posted, terrible I know, but it does mean that I have a bounty of birthday cake goodness to share with you! So here we go:

First up- What's better than a friend's birthday party? Yep, when two of your friends join forces to create one amazing party- which obviously requires the presence of a big sparkly birthday cake! Harry and Kate (Yep- same Kate whose first 18th cake featured in my previous post!) had all pink and blue decorations for their joint birthday bash, so the cake colouring was fairly obvious! both tiers were chocolate orange sponge and buttercream- a new favourite among my lot! (I went for stripes to break up the colours as we all thought that straight pink and blue might look a little "Fisher-Price") plus a massive sparkly 18 on top to pick up all the glinty party lights.

It sat, in a fairly ornamental fashion, for the evening before being divvied up and demolished by the birthday boy and girl.

Secondly, a commission from one teacher for another- and an incredibly fun one too! Like -I can only imagine- most people, I have fond memories of the Mr Kipling French Fancy, and I spent many a teatime at my Nan's house plucking the super sweet icing bobble from them- and it had to be the pink one. It would appear that my colour preference is something I share with the teacher who was the lucky recipient of this giant version a couple of weeks ago. Inside was all vanilla fluffyness to replicate the light cake and icing of the  Kipling original- and before you ask, for structural reasons (not to mention protection from sicklyness) the lump was cake rather than icing!

And finally, this cake is only from last weekend, and was for one of the most special birthdays to occur in our family for quite some time, my Nanny turned 90!! Needless to say we celebrated in on a massive scale- roast beef and all the trimmings for 21 people is no mean feat- a massive well done goes to my Mum for feeding everyone with our far less than normally functional oven! The occasion obviously called for a cake, and I jumped at the opportunity to craft it, Nan has an amazing collection of traditional teddies, so the theme made itself evident; and for as long as I can remember (and much longer before) she has had her cup of tea every afternoon, to the extent that we don't even ask if she'd like one anymore, we just diligently deliver a cup; so the Teddy clearly had to be teacup-in-hand. I went for ivory fondant, pale pink flowers and pale blue ribbon to create a pretty springtime pedestal for the teddy bear figurine I had sculpted in advance, I also added a '90' in sugar pearls on the top tier as a nod to the occasion! I was pretty happy with the finished result, and it would seem that so were the 21 of my family who were gathered to celebrate with us- it was such a lovely day!

The interior was all orange flavoured, and went down really well, I've never seen one of my cakes disappear so quickly!

I hope you enjoyed these three, I should have another couple of birthday cake creations coming up, the year everyone turns 18 is a busy one!

Hayley x

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