Thursday, 19 July 2012

Pretty in Pink

Rather absurdly, my summer holidays began today (the absurd part being that on the way back from school I was under an umbrella, some summer eh?) This means the end of term, which provided me with a decent reason to bake up some cupcakes; a dozen for my German teacher who is leaving and 2 half dozen boxes as little gifts for my 2 of my mum’s colleagues (she’s a school teacher so the end of term is doubly busy in our household) I went for pretty pink flowers as my “theme” to try and bring a little summery-ness to this slightly gloomy British July. These were basic vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, topped with glitter galore, various shapes of pink fondant flowers and little edible pearls- very girly and colourful enough, I hope, to bring a little summer-energy.

The dozen for Mrs Lee, I went for a fairly concentrated pink glitter circle so that the outer petal detail on the paler flowers would show properly.

And a half dozen box, one of the two for Mum’s colleagues.

And a closer look at one of the flowers, cause I like to poorly imitate fancy magazine photos!
So now its “summertime”, hopefully the weather will clear up soon cause at the moment it really doesn’t feel like the holidays!  
Hayley x

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