Thursday, 21 June 2012

Welcome to the Parker Cupcakery blog!

Hello There!

Welcome to the Parker Cupcakery blog, allow me to introduce myself: I am Hayley Parker and I have loved baking since I was tiny. I was 7 when I proclaimed to my parents that I would one day be a chef, and now that dream has only slightly altered- in that I am now an aspiring baker and food writer. I read many fantastic blogs, and have decided to create my own to share the fruits of my baking labour, some recipes, and "reviews" of any interesting foodie things I happen across here in London. As for the "Parker Cupcakery"- I have recently started making cakes for people under the name, and I hope that this will grow over the next few months into a little sideline. For now, I'll write some less wordy and more interesting posts, and show you all some of my cakes!

Hayley :-) 

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